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Mobilizing and support of communities

This is mainly the mobilization of the communities towards activities that will enhance their livelihoods, like after a training on business management and resource mobilization that we have already administered to the community they have gone ahead and put this into action by opening small businesses and sourcing for funds at school levels through proposals Writing.

Advocacy on peace

This is a program that enables the organization creates awareness on peace in Lamu County. The program has allowed the organization to go up to the grass root levels sensitizing the community on the issues of peace. The community having clan conflicts this helps subside this by making them understand the importance of living as one community.

Youth Projects

These projects are designed to help and enlighten the youth on matters which affect them directly. These include radicalization, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, business management and peace related issues. On this, cumulative (300) youth have directly benefitted from the different intervention areas stated above

Advocacy on human rights

This is mainly done to the community to add or to create rights awareness with focus on the women, girl child and the minority groups such as the Boni tribe in Boni Forest. Harmful cultural practices such as FGM and child marriages are also covered here.

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