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Kiunga Youth Bunge Initiative (KYBI) is an independent non-profit organization established in 2007.As a community organization; KYBI is youth-leaning both in its operations and programs. It s premised on the fact that youths form a critical group of Kenya s population that are most vulnerable to exploitation, misrepresentation and radicalization. In this regard, our programs are tailored to grow youth intervention strategies for development as well as elevating youth participation in development matters as the surest approach for sustainable development. In delivering on our mandate, KYBI considers grassroots involvement in sustainable development critical to its operations. Therefore, over time has invested in creating lasting partnerships and trust within the community it operates. The great success we have experienced is largely attributed not only to the uniqueness and relevance of the design and implementation of our programs but also on the elaborate community workmanship strategies we use in engaging grassroots communities we work with. Our approach is to create a platform for communities to engage with development stakeholders on a mutually beneficial level with the focus on the community as the sole bearers of solutions that would work for them. In this regard, we have cultivated strong working partnerships with indigenous communities including Ishakani, Kiunga, Mpeketoni, Witu, Mambore, Faza, Rubu, Mkokoni, Mararani, Mlimani, Bodhai and Kiwayu Island among others in Lamu County in Kenya and Raskamboni, Odo, Kuda and Mdoa, in Badhaade district in Somalia among others. KYBI has operational presence in Raskiamboni-Kiunga (Kenya-Somalia border), Lamu town and Mpeketoni areas of Lamu County with our physical address within Lamu and is operated by a fully functional secretariat with full time employees


Kiunga Youth Bunge Initiative (KYBI) is an independent non-profit organization established in 2007. It focuses on providing humanitarian interventions, human rights advocacy, security and peace building as its contribution approach to sustainable development through building resilience and promoting cohesion. KYBI was registered and licensed to operate as a community organization in 2011 both in Lamu County in Kenya under the ministry of gender and social services as well as in Jubbaland administration of Somalia

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[charitus_mission icon_type=”charitus_flaticon” title=”OUR MISSION” action_content=” To be the voice of reason in developing impacting solutions for at-risk communities through advocacy for pluralism and access to resources for empowerment and transformation” charitus_flaticon=”fa flaticon-fire”]
[charitus_mission icon_type=”charitus_flaticon” title=”OUR VISION” action_content=”Prosperous communities living in peace and harmony.” charitus_flaticon=”fa flaticon-rocket-launch”]
[charitus_mission icon_type=”charitus_flaticon” title=”OUR VALUES” action_content=”1. Transparency 2. Respect 3. Accountability 4. Dependence 5. Equity ” charitus_flaticon=”fa flaticon-020-list”]
[charitus_mission icon_type=”charitus_flaticon” title=”OUR OBJECTIVE” action_content=” To promote human rights based approach to security solutions in countering violent extremism ” charitus_flaticon=”fa flaticon-fire”]

Our Board Members

NOOR DAHER ALI, Executive Director


Atik Mohamed Atik. Board member

AMINA MZEE KUPI Board Treasurer


ANN, Board member.

Our Team



JOSEPHAT KAMAU, Field Officer/officer Assistant

KHADIJA MOHAMED Program Account assistant

LYDIA ZAWADI, Programs Officer